Underway on the old Graubünden Walser trail

Lengthy hike through Graubünden in the tracks of the ancient Walser folk

In 19 legs, the old Walser trail leads through the canton of Graubünden. Nearly all destinations on each journey leg can be reached with public transport, most of which with PostBus.

Branded with the route number 35, at a length of approximately 300 kilometres, Graubünden’s Walserweg trail leads through remote Walser communities and valleys – from Graubünden’s southerly Misox to Brand, Vorarlberg. And just like the lengthy story of the Walsers that can’t be covered in short, it takes a lot more than a day to complete this highly interesting hike. 19 single legs, each of which covered in a day, have been calculated to cover the history, architecture, customs and language along the Walserweg trail. The ideal companion to take with you on the hike? Well apart from your spouse or a good friend – we reckon Irene Schuler’s cultural guide to the Walserweg trail is your best bet.

The initiators of the Walserweg trail in Graubünden have compiled diverse tours lasting more than a day – and the best of of all is that overnight stays, breakfast, packed lunches and evening dinners are things you don’t have to organise yourself. Getting your luggage from place to place without having to accompany it is also a piece of cake thanks to Rhb and PostBus ... and concerning this, FAR OUT would be the likely comment of a tough old Walser today!


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