Uri Dialect Trail

Dialect in the Isenthal valley

Discover the region’s linguistic characteristics on the Uri Dialect Trail. Follow the rocks with the dialect words and cover all 13 stations in about 3 hours.

The 3-hour circular route takes you through magnificent countryside with breathtaking views.

The Uri Dialect Trail requires hiking boots and sure-footedness.

From the PostBus stop Weid-Furggelen, continue on Grosstalstrasse (road) into the valley until you reach the Wissig–Furggelen marker.

This is where the Uri Dialect Trail starts. The route takes you through the scenic natural landscape of Scheidegg. On the way, discover 13 original Uri dialect word-pairs carved in stone, such as “schwäntä & roodä“ (to remove bark & uproot). A handy dialect brochure, edited by Felix Aschwanden, author of a local dialect dictionary, provides fascinating and funny background to the vernacular. Use your smartphone to scan the QR code in the brochure and receive additional information or play songs about Uri people from the out-of-stock CD. The route continues – with spectacular views over Lake Uri – to a typical mountain farm at Obere Bärchi. Take the cable car or hike down to Mittlere Bärchi and follow the Uri Landweg (country trail) back to the village of Isenthal.

For anyone wishing to shorten the ascent or descent, there is the option of taking the Wissig-Furgelen cable car (tel. +41 41 878 10 82 or tel. +41 41 878 10 16) and the Vordere Bärchi cable car to Obere Bärchi (tel. +41 41 878 00 78). These link farm holdings and are not operated all the time, so it is advisable to book your trip in advance by telephone.


  • Adventurous cable car ride
  • Historic mountain village
  • Unspoilt landscape
  • Interesting themed trails

Travel details

Difficulty Medium (mountain trail)
Duration 3 hours 11 minutes
Length 7.9 km
Altitude difference + 657 hm / - 667 hm
Getting there To get there, take the train from Lucerne via Rotkreuz to Flüelen or you can take the Tellbus from Lucerne directly to Flüelen. In Flüelen change to the Postbus, taking route 405 Altdorf UR–(Flüelen)–Isenthal–Seilbahn St. Jakob (cable car station) and travel to Isenthal, Weid-Furggelen. This is where the circular hike starts.
Return journey Postbus route 405 returns to Flüelen from the “Isenthal, Post” stop. From here the Tellbus takes you direct to Lucerne or you can once again return by train via Rotkreuz. For those that have the time, it is also possible to return by boat.

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Timetable / travel information

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PostBus route 405 Altdorf UR–(Flüelen)–Isenthal–Seilbahn St. Jakob (cable car station)  is open all year round
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Special comments:
Weather permitting, hikes are possible from June to October. 


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