Val da Camp

Lago di Viola and Saoseo

The trip to Val da Camp is already an experience in itself. Immerse yourself in this idyllic, peaceful nature sanctuary.

Take the Postbus from Pontresina across the Bernina Pass to the Sfazù station, where you will have to switch to a smaller Postbus to continue to Alp Camp. The path meanders between larch and Swiss stone pine forests from Alp Camp across open alpine meadows up to the magnificent lakes. Lago di Viola twinkles like a dark purple eye embedded in the gentle hollow at the foot of Scima da Saoseo whose craggy ridge line forms a sharp contrast to the velvety meadows. The hike continues to Lago di Saoseo. The intense cobalt blue of the water makes the lake look almost like an optical illusion. The path now heads in the direction of Rifugio Saoseo where you can catch a Postbus for your return trip.

Hiking time: approx. 2 hours Level of difficulty: medium


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Photo: © Valposchiavo Tourismus - Foto: Roberto Moiola