The Walser village with its different charms

The Walser village of Vals is a paradise for spa aficionados, hikers and architecture fans.

The parish of Vals features a number summer-pasture dwellings typical of the Walser communities. The Vals thermal baths complex is much more than a spa as it combines aesthetics, subtle lighting and timeless elegance in a masterful way. Architect Peter Zumthor designed this masterpiece.

Vals also has plenty to offer hikers, and the panorama trail via Frunt to Zervreila is recommended. In Frunt, St. Anna’s chapel – a well-preserved architectural gem – is worth a visit. From Zervreila, the Postbus takes us back to Vals. The Gandahus local history museum contains interesting information about times that have long since past but which continue to influence the entire village.


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