Vico Morcote and the ‘Trail of the Senses’

An unforgettable experience on Lake Lugano

In search of the little architectural gem of Vico Morcote and its trail dedicated to the five senses.

You can travel to Vico Morcote by Postbus. The center is beautifully preserved with its narrow streets and old arcades, ancient buildings and a magnificent Baroque church wonderfully situated providing breathtaking views over Lake Lugano. The ‘Trail of the Senses’ begins near to the historic centre. It is a 30-minute walk, allowing visitors to rediscover the pleasure of nature through the five senses. Marvel at the splendour of a chestnut tree, enjoy the delightful taste of berries and fruit, listen to the birdsong, savour the aroma of bark and touch the rocks to feel their heat. It’s well worth taking the time to enjoy this experience! 

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