Vindonissa Legionnaire’s Path – Roman discoveries

Roman Adventure Park in Windisch

Turn back the clock some 2000 years and immerse in Roman history at Switzerland’s only Roman Legionnaire’s camp. Slip into the role of former Romans on an entertaining tour and discover the luxurious Vindonissa lifestyle with a theme tour.

On the Legionnaire’s Path visitors immerse in fascinating Roman history and experience ancient lifestyle at Switzerland’s sole Roman Legionnaire’s Camp. In Vindonissa 6,000 legionnaires once prepared for their deployment under the rule of the Roman emperor in person. Turning back the clock some 2000 years, here visitors witness a former lifestyle and feel transported into a world governed by legionnaires and their commanding officers. Nine atmospheric sites with sunken officers’ kitchen, images of an opulent feast, conversations one can listen to, ruins of the former Roman thermal baths and the only Roman water duct north of the Alps still in working order today. Many of these interesting sights are out of view from the outside and exclusively visible to those visiting the Legionnaire’s Path to share in history and the fascination of modern resurrection.  


Information and Reservations

Information and Reservations


Legionärspfad Vindonissa
Museum Aargau
5210 Windisch

Opening hours

1 April – 31 October

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