Visperterminen Route


Ride the Visperterminen Route from Visp through Europe’s highest altitude vineyard and past peaceful hamlets to Visperterminen, the Heida wine village.

The Visperterminen Route starts in Visp and winds its way up through Europe’s highest vineyard to the rustic village of Visperterminen. Visp is an ideal starting point for many excursions throughout the Upper Valais. A friendly farmer’s market is held every Friday afternoon where the mountain farmers from around the region offer their products. A stroll through the small but lovely old town is highly recommended (PostBus stop Visp, Railway Station South). The Route passes through the beautiful scenery of Europe’s highest vineyard to Unterstalden where you can tour the St. Jodern Wine Cellars (PostBus stop Visperterminen, Unterstalden). Follow the winegrowing theme path with 17 information panels from Visp to Unterstalden. Old barns and sheds give Oberstalden a particularly authentic look. This hamlet is also the destination of a culinary hiking event celebrating local wines and specialties (PostBus stop Visperterminen, Oberstalden). Be sure not to miss the scenic old part of Visperterminen village. Traditional handicrafts are presented and demonstrated at the Visperterminen Culture Park, while the kids enjoy the unique children’s playhouses (PostBus stop Visperterminen, Post Office). The Giw ski area, outside of the hustle and bustle of the crowded tourist spots, offers plenty of sunshine and variety. Guided culinary snowshoe tours are also available. In summer, this is a wonderful place for hiking or talking a walk through the vineyards.


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