The Walen Trail

Unique mountain hiking trail from Engelberg (Ristis) to Oberrickenbach (Bannalp)

The Walen hiking trail is considered to be one of the most picturesque Swiss mountain paths and was chosen by Switzerland Tourism and the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation as one of the 12 most beautiful hiking trails in Switzerland. The route runs from the Engelberg Brunni area to the Wolfenschiessen Bannalp area. The Walen Trail (“Walenpfad”) round-trip ticket means that an attractively priced ticket can be obtained to cover the whole trip, valid for use on cable cars, the PostBus and the Wolfenschiessen-Engelberg Zentralbahn train network. It also includes a voucher for a free ride on the Ristis summer toboggan run. 

The starting point for the hike is Ristis above Engelberg. With views across the Engelberg mountains, the trail leads to Walenalp. The firepit barbecue area (firewood and water available) and views over the Mitteland region make this an inviting spot for a rest. The path then climbs upwards to Walegg, which at 1,943 metres above sea level marks the highest point of the approximately 3½ to 4 hour walk. Walegg offers breathtaking panoramic views of magnificent mountain scenery, across the Engelberg valley and beyond. The final destination of the hike, Bannalp, is one of Nidwalden's treasures. Following the trail along the Bannalp reservoir leads to Restaurant Urnerstaffel. A cable car will take you from Bannalp to Oberrickenbach. From there you can take a PostBus to Wolfenschiessen. The trail can also be followed in the opposite direction, and − depending on weather conditions − is feasible from mid-June to mid-October.  Detailed information on opening times can be found at

Duration 4 hours
Difficulty medium
Distance 11.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 780 Metres
Arrival Travel to Engelberg from Lucerne or Stans by train. In Engelberg, take the Engelberg-Ristis cable car to Risti and the start of the hiking trail
Return travel From Bannalp take the Bannalp Fell-Chrüzhütte cable car (open all year round) or the Fellboden Bannalpsee cable car (open 9 May – 25 October 2020) to Oberrickenbach, and from there take the PostBus, route 331, stop Oberrickenbach, valley station to Wolfenschiessen and travel home by train

“Walenpfad” round-trip ticket

The ticket can be purchased at the relevant cable cars (Bannalp and Brunni), at Wolfenschiessen or Engelberg railway stations and on PostBus route 331 (Wolfschenschiessen-Oberrickenbach).  The ticket includes the following forms of transport:
  • Wolfenschiessen - Engelberg Zentralbahn rail network
  • Engelberg-Ristis cable car, one-way
  • Bannalp cable car, one-way
  • PostBus: Oberrickenbach-Wolfenschiessen route
  • Voucher for a free ride on the Ristis summer toboggan run, valid until autumn 2020

The ticket does not include the Ristis-Brunnihütte chairlift. However, showing your round-trip ticket allows you to pay the discounted price of CHF 8 for a single trip.

Contact details

Luftseilbahn Fell-Chrüzhütte AG
(Cable Railways)
Bannalp / Fell 3
6387 Oberrickenbach

+41 41 628 16 33

+41 41 628 27 51

+41 41 628 20 41



Luftseilbahn Engelberg-Brunni AG
Wydenstrasse 55
CH-6390 Engelberg

+41 41 630 60 60

+41 41 639 60 61


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