A walk on Monte Gambarogno

From Neggia to Indemini

A splendid view of Lake Maggiore. A hike across green mountain slopes to the picturesque village of Indemini. 

The walk starts from the Alpe di Neggia mountain pass, which can easily be reached by Postbus (“Alpe di Neggia, Alpe” stop) along a route comprising a series of bends and curves against a magnificent backdrop. After slightly less than an hour’s walk, the cross at the top of Monte Gambarogno at 1,734 metres above sea level provides an amazing view over Lake Maggiore. A little further on as you head down towards Alpe Cedullo, cows and goats are bound to cross your path during the summer months. Take advantage of the opportunity to try some local produce. A gentle climb will take you to Colle Sant’Anna and the oratory of the same name. The path then descends again, passing through an atmospheric forest before reaching Indemini. Before setting off on the return journey (“Indemini, Paese” stop), it’s well worth visiting this traditional village and admiring its rugged stone buildings with stone roofs.

Journey Details

Duration 3 hours
Difficulty medium
Distance 7.5 Kilometres
Arrival “Alpe di Neggia, Alpe” stop
Return travel “Indemini, Paese” stop

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Timetable for the journey to the “Alpe di Neggia, Alpe” stop.

Timetable for the return journey from the “Indemini, Paese” stop.


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