Jörgenberg Castle

Jörgenberg Castle is the oldest and most impressive of its kind between the Rhine Gorge and the source of the Rhine.

Jörgenberg Castle, situated on an exposed ledge to the east of Waltensburg, is one of the largest castles in the Upper Grisons region.

With its unobstructed views high above the valley, the village was predestined to watch over and defend the region. It is not surprising that within a small area, four castles or fortresses were used and occupied here for centuries. Today, the remains of Jörgenberg Castle include the main tower, the shield wall, the bell tower, parts of the living quarters, of the ring wall and the gate structures. The base on which the gallows of Jörgenberg once stood on a hill in the forest, not far from the castle in western direction, is also well worth a visit.

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