Wild-romance in the Tamina Valley

Discover the Tamina and Calfeisen Valleys

Not many know the Tamina Valley – and practically nobody the Vättis (SG) and Calfeisen Valley. A genuine insider tip for lovers of wild & rugged natural landscapes, woodland settlements and turquoise-blue lakes to ponder over.

A steep trail leads the way from Bad Ragaz to Valens or via Pfäfers-Vättis to the Tamina and Calfeisen valleys. The road winds its way high above the rocky Tamina Gorge - where Paracelsus once spent a while - and past the Mapragg reservoir. Vättis is starting point for excursions to the wildly romantic Calfeisen Valley or flower-rich Kunkels Pass; crossed by ancient Romans in the distant past. And in this wild and romantic corner of the earth, between the turquoise-blue waters   of reservoirs, marvellous mountain backdrop, the melodious sound of cowbells and whistling marmots, you’ll be in no hurry to get away, whether on foot or wheels. Time runs away with you here as you immerse in natural beauty... worlds away from obligations and everyday hectic!

Attractions and information

  • Sculpture Path: round-path, completed in under an hour, with 12 stone sculptures by international artists at the heart of impressive mountain country.
  • «Offizin Parnassia» in Vättis – Printing plant using lead letters, as in the days of Gutenberg  
  • Drachenloch-Museum Vättis, with prehistoric finds from Stone Age hunters
  • «Tamina» hunting museum: open daily from 14.00 until 17.00.
  • Cable car to the former Vättnerberg Walser settlement; flower-rich & attractive spot at 1600 meters above sea level.
  • St. Martin Walser settlement in the Calfeisen Valley – where time appears to have stood still.

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Tamina Gorge Loop Tour

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Lokale Route 482: Bad Ragaz–Tamins
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Altes Bad Pfäfers and Tamina Gorge
Walser Settlement St.Martin

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