Winter hiking tour Gurnigel–Selibüel–Gurnigel

The spas of old in the Gantrisch region (BE)

The hike goes from Gurnigel to Selibüel an back to Gurnigel.

Around 1900, the Grand Hotel Gurnigelbad was one of the largest hotels in Europe and famous for its spa treatments far beyond the country's borders. The English in particular were very fond of this hotel in the Gantrisch region. Those who follow in their footsteps in winter can enjoy the well-groomed circular trail with spectacular views from Gurnigel Berghaus. At first, the trail gently climbs through the forest until the Gantrisch comes into view. You follow the path in a constant up and down and with unrestricted views of the mountain massif right opposite. The gradient is quite steep in some places. The calmer part of the hike finally begins just below the pass road. The trail runs through snow-covered alpine meadows and later, before you approach your destination, through the forest. After arriving back, you can enjoy a warming drink in the same place where the tea-break pavilion of the spa hotel once stood. 

Journey Details

Duration 1 hour 50 min
Difficulty easy
Distance 3.2 Kilometres
Altitude difference 125 Metres
Arrival PostBus route 323 from Thurnen, Bahnhof to Gurnigel, Berghaus
Return travel PostBus route 323 from Gurnigel, Berghaus to Thurnen, Bahnhof

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