Woodland garden of sounds tùn resùn, Lohn

An unusual experience on Schamserberg

Schamserberg offers a novel world of sound and a sweet treat for your ears. The woodland garden of sounds tùn resùn in Lohn is a remarkable place that gives off special vibes.

Lohn, situated amidst beautiful scenery, is a very special place. Here is where you can dive into and lose yourself in an incomparable sea of sounds. In the tiny mountain village of Lohn on Schamserberg, you can enjoy a wide variety of sounds created by ten unusual musical instruments. At the heart of this astonishing melodic world is an elaborate wind harp (also known as Aeolian harp) that draws you into its spell with magical high notes. It takes about 50 minutes to stroll through woodland garden of sounds (1.6 kilometers).

Admission is free, but a donation box is placed at the start and end point to help cover the upkeep.

Lohn can be conveniently reached by Postbus from Zillis. Enjoy this unforgettable sweet treat for your ears.


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Photo: Viamala Tourismus