WWF Beaver Trail Tössegg–Rüdlingen

In the realm of the furry builders

The four-kilometre long information trail along the Rhine takes you directly through the habitat of the local beavers. Ten information boards provide information on the life and habitat of the largest rodent in Europe. 

It’s a well-known fact that beavers are outstanding builders. But did you know that they can shape entire tracts of land? By felling trees and building dams they change the light levels and water courses in their habitat. This benefits the fauna and flora and makes these furry rodents essential to our ecosystem. WWF uses the Beaver Trail along the Rhine to make people aware of this information and promote respect for the beavers and their habitat.

The four kilometre-long trail leads you from the Tössegg pier to the Rüdlingen pier and takes around two to three hours. It can be taken from either direction. You may not be able to spot the beavers as they are most active at twilight and during the night, but if you look closely you’ll see their tracks and bite marks in the trees. 


Duration 2 hours
Difficulty easy
Distance 4.4 Kilometres
Altitude difference 124 Metres
Arrival Postbus 522 to Teufen ZH, Unterteufen
Return travel Postbus 675 from Rüdlingen, Gemeindehaus

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Postbus 522 to Teufen ZH, Unterteufen, walking distance +20 min. or in the reverse direction.

Postbus 675 to Rüdlingen, Gemeindehaus, walking distance +5 min.

During summer, Tössegg can be reached via the Züri-Rhy boat company from Eglisau.


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