Your trip to Crans-Montana

Embark on an adventure to the summit

Why not enjoy a colourful summer from high up! Crans-Montana offers you a 360° show, ranging from hikes that take in the Bisse du Ro irrigation canal and its footbridge that connects up with Anzère, to performances such as the latest edition of Cirque au Sommet, all rounded off with a wide range of family activities the area has to offer.

Start climbing and walk along the watercourse from Crans-Montana to Anzère, a route that follows the legendary Bisse du Ro irrigation canal.

The Bisse du Ro goes in both directions between Anzère and Crans-Montana. 

It’s a fairly short structure measuring around 5.5 km that illustrates the difficulties encountered by the inhabitants of our region at the end of the Middle Ages and the ingenuity they had to show to survive. Their goal at the time was to allow water to be transported from distant sources towards farmland.

The route therefore starts at Lake Grenon in Crans-Montana or from the Tseuzier dam. The hanging footbridge gives walkers a momentary rush of adrenaline, whilst being completely safe. Perched 70 m above the gorge and 1.20 m wide at its base, the footbridge measures 120 m in length. You then have another 500 m to go before you leave the Rière Valley and enter the wilderness of the Ertentse Valley. 

The Ertentse Valley is a place that even today elicits strong emotions in the locals, harking back to the work done by the people who once lived in the area.

Journey details

Duration 3 hours
Difficulty medium
Distance 12.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 160 Metres
Arrival Starting point: Lake Grenon

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