Your trip to Nendaz on the Hérens cattle trail

Hi! I'm Cheesy, Nendaz's mascot. I’m here to help you learn all about my life as an Hérens cow. So...follow me!

Take a walk with me and have fun at the different educational stations on my trail. Making cheese, milking, queens fighting,... you’ll discover all of my life’s secrets!

Do you know about Hérens cattle? We’re small but sturdy, and have beautiful black colouring with a red tinge. We’re as much a part of the Valais region as the St. Bernard dog and the Matterhorn. But we’re far closer than them. I’ll bet you my bell that you’ve seen us while out hiking in the Alps. We’re pretty unmissable around here. Around 800 of us enjoy the alpine meadows and mayen pastures around Nendaz during the summer months every year.

Journey Details

Duration 1 hour 30 min
Difficulty easy
Distance 4.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 320 Metres
Arrival Tortin chairlift
Return travel On foot

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