Zweisimmen Castle Trail

Stages of the circular walk: Zweisimmen–Mannried–Manneberg–Obegg–Kirchbezirk–Zweisimmen

Join us on a circular hike along the Zweisimmen Castle Trail, where you can discover fascinating details about the castle ruins and local history. You can stop off to eat along the way at the barbecue areas or at the Zweisimmen Forellensee (Trout Lake). 

This circular hike around the themed route of the Zweisimmen Castle Trail begins at Zweisimmen railway station. You will be welcomed to the start of the Castle Trail walk by an iron statue of a knight, along with an information board from the Manneberg Castle Trail association that shows two alternative routes for the themed walk. There are 14 information boards to follow along the trail. These provide interesting information on the individual places and buildings from the period.

The trail leads towards Manneberg along the Kleine Simme river, until it flows into the Simme river. This is also where you can find the first picnic area, the Simmenspitz barbecue area. 

Further downstream, the trail continues on the riverside path to the Vermeille campsite and the Forellensee (Trout Lake). At this point, you need to cross over the Simme river. After a brief, gentle ascent, you will reach the foot of Manneberg; soon afterwards, you will reach the hill with castle ruins and several glacial mills. During the Middle Ages, the two castles on Manneberg formed a center of power in the Upper Simme Valley.

The two barbecue areas on Manneberg encourage visitors to linger for a while to relax and barbecue. 

The trail leads back to the Simme river, before you return to the railway tracks and main road. At this point, the hike can be shortened by taking the Postbus towards Zweisimmen (PostBus stop “Zweisimmen, Spitz Mannried”).

On your way back, take a detour to Zweisimmen Forellensee (Trout Lake). This fishing park offers a true angling experience, a lake restaurant serving fresh fish and other specialities, and exceptional options for overnight accommodation. 

Further on, the trail leads via Obegg in the direction of Kirchenbezirk, back to the starting point in Zweisimmen. 

Duration 2 hours
Difficulty easy
Distance 6.9 Kilometres
Altitude difference 147 Metres
Arrival By train to Zweisimmen station
Return travel The hike can be shortened by taking the Postbus. Take PostBus route 270 from stop “Zweisimmen, Spitz Mannried” to stop “Zweisimmen, Bahnhof Ost”.

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Timetable 31.270 Boltigen–Zweisimmen (Route 270)

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