The nature play park in Entlebuch

Give yourself and your children the gift of an eventful #dayout Discover the large nature play park, “Zyberliland”, in Romoos in Entlebuch.
Whether playing, sliding, climbing, splashing around, crawling or rolling marbles – the Zyberliland nature play park with its attractive play areas offers all of this and guarantees an unforgettable experience for children and parents alike.

In search of the mysterious Bärgmandli, children and parents soon discover the first tracks leading to the Bärgmandli-Tritt hiking trail. All along the way, the Bärgmandli show signs of themselves with the little red feet markers, leading the curious children through the beautiful nature to the play areas.

The children climb the Talherrenburg, crawl through willow tunnels or divert the flow of the “Mühlibach” in various ways. The 30-metre-long marble run (Zyberlibahn) is also a lot of fun. In the ash tree house maze, the children seek the way out.

There is so much to discover and experience. And if your appetite gets the better of you, you can use one of the many barbecue spots in Zyberliland.

Enjoy relaxed travel by public transport. Take the BLS transport to Wolhusen, and then the Postbus route 221 to Romoos (stop: Post). This also does away with the need to look for parking in Romoos, where spaces are very limited. Between Romoos Post and Romoos Holzwäge, there are four more stops that provide access to Zyberliland. 

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