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Foroglio and Val Calnègia

A walk from the spectacular waterfall to the mystical valley

105.5 km

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Walk in the sunshine through meadows and pastures

116.3 km

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Locarno Falconry

The world of the raptors

125.6 km

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Verzasca Valley

The green heart of Ticino

137.2 km

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Gambarogno mountains

Hiking in the middle of sumptuous panoramas

138.5 km

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Claro with its monastery and mule track

A walk to recharge one’s energy

143.2 km

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Tibetan bridge Carasc

Hiking suspended in the air

143.8 km

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Morobbia Valley

Exploring the Via del Ferro

150.5 km

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151.1 km

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Culture and leisure immersed in nature just a few minutes from the center of town

152.3 km

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Collina d’Oro

Where world culture and local traditions meet

155.6 km

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The ancient, picturesque village

158.6 km

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Ticket and admission to the Carona municipal swimming pool

Visit the charming town of Carona and enjoy discounted admission to the public swimming-pool with PostBus.

158.6 km

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Monte Generoso

The mountain with the best panoramic views in all of Ticino

165.3 km

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Archeological park Tremona-Castello

A visit to medieval times

165.8 km

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FoxTown Factory Stores

Elegance and luxury at factory prices

167.5 km

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The gorges of Breggia

Where nature meets history

170.8 km

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Mendrisiotto and lower Ceresio bathing offers

Summer is approaching, and with it some tempting offers. Try them!

172.8 km

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Land blessed by famous artists

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Gotthard Pass Route

Airolo–San Gottardo–Andermatt