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Brunni Route


96.2 km

Excursion tips

Hoch-Ybrig Route

Einsiedeln-Lauchern / Hoch-Ybrig

100.9 km

Excursion tips

7-Egg hike – the natural beauty of Hoch-Ybrig

Impressive views of the Alps, lakes and valleys

104.2 km

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105.8 km

Excursion tips

Vögele Kultur Zentrum Pfäffikon SZ

Exhibitions on the issues of our time

105.9 km

Excursion tips

Hiking Willerzell Stöcklichrüz – Lachen SZ

Views from Lake Zurich to Lake Sihl

106.7 km

Excursion tips

Spectacular perspectives of Lake Klöntal

An idyllic spot between high mountain sides

116.6 km

Excursion tips

Läderach Chocolate Experience, Bilten

Discover the world of Läderach Chocolate in Glarnerland!

121.8 km

Excursion tips

Atzmännig (SG)

Recreation for the whole family

123.4 km

Excursion tips

Ittingen Charterhouse

Explore the former monastery premises

128.4 km

Excursion tips

From Diessenhofen to Schaffhausen

Boat trip and hiking on the Rhine

128.5 km

Excursion tips

Plättli-Zoo Frauenfeld

A charming zoo for families

130.4 km

Excursion tips

Stein am Rhein – where the lake meets the river

A journey amidst Europe’s most beautiful river scenery

132.5 km

Excursion tips

Model windmill and comic trail, Tufertschwil (Lütisburg)

Hiking on the Höhenzüg hill range in Untertoggenburg

136.2 km

Excursion tips

Summer tobogganing on Flumserberg

FLOOMZER for adults and kids

137.9 km

Excursion tips

Barefoot and panorama trail around the Nollen (TG)

Barefoot underway with all your senses

139.8 km

Excursion tips

Winter hike Magdenau monastery

Immersed in peaceful stillness

140.0 km

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Maestrani’s Chocolarium in Flawil

The chocolate factory of happiness

140.0 km

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Necker Valley Highland Trail

From Mogelsberg to Schönengrund

140.4 km

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Flumserberg Route

Sargans–Flums–Flumserberg Tannenbodenalp

140.5 km