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The Napfbergland Border Trail

Located in the heart of Switzerland, yet still unknown to many

30.9 km

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Special ticket Sörenberg–Kemmeriboden

Moorland walk through the UNESCO Biosphere

40.6 km

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Rotating Napoleon adventure playground

A new adventure playground on the Menzberg

43.2 km

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Napf–Romoos Route


44.7 km

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Marbach–Kemmeriboden Route


47.4 km

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Sörenberg Route


47.4 km

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Seelensteg Heiligkreuz

A power spot

47.5 km

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Special ticket "Pearl of the Alps, Brienz Rothorn railway"

Experience Lucerne's highest mountain

50.0 km

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Circular hike Glaubenberg over the Fürstein

Hike between Waldemme and Lake Sarnen

50.7 km

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Panorama ride by public transport

With a postbus from Entlebuch across the Glaubenberg pass to Sarnen

51.7 km

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The «Bärgmandli» trail to the Giswilerstock

The canton of Obwalden’s world of sagas

57.3 km

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Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach

A visit to the world of birds

60.2 km

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Flüeli-Ranft Route


62.7 km

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Eigenthal (Pilatus) Route

Lucerne–Eigenthal Valley

63.7 km

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Chärwald Robbers – Adventure Trail

Discover the fabled Chärwald forest in Kerns

64.9 km

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Melchsee-Frutt mountain lake fishing

Fishing at 2,000 metres above sea level

65.4 km

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Melchsee-Frutt Route


65.5 km

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Waldstätterweg path from Hergiswil to Alpnachstad

The royal stage via the Rengg Pass

65.7 km

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Bourbaki Panorama Lucerne

A monumental circular painting: a gripping experience for all the family

66.9 km

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Brother Klaus Trail

In the footsteps of Niklaus von Flüe

68.6 km