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Lake Wohlen Loop Trail

Hiking from Lake Wohlen–Illiswil–Wohlen

6.8 km

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Orchid Path Frienisberg

Attractive area full of orchids

9.3 km

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Sensorium Rüttihubelbad

A tour of discovery appealing to all your senses

11.7 km

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Leisure around Gantrisch Mountain

Circular deceleration route on the Längenberg

11.9 km

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Gantrisch-Längenberg Route

From Köniz to Riggisberg

14.2 km

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From Guggisberg to Rüschegg

21.3 km

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Gantrisch-Gurnigel Route

From Thurnen via Gurnigel Pass to Schwarzenburg

25.1 km

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Gantrisch Lake Loop Trail

A peaceful spot to linger and relax

26.1 km

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Gantrisch Panorama Trail

A magnificent hike through Alpine foothills

27.7 km

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Diemtigtal Route

Oey Diemtigen–Diemtigen–Grimmialp

33.5 km

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Chasseral Route

La Neuveville–Le Landeron–Plateau de Diesse–(Chasseral)

35.8 km

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Balmberg Route

Solothurn–Günsberg–Oberbalmberg (Route 40.012)

35.9 km

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Charmey–Crêtes de la Berra

Panorama of the Crêtes de la Berra

36.0 km

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Beatenberg Route

Interlaken West–Beatenberg

38.4 km
41.7 km

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Charmey–Les Dents Vertes

The green peaks in the silence of La Valsainte

42.1 km

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Charmey–Jaunbach to Javro

Pristine sceneries from the Jogne to the Javro creeks.

42.2 km
Naturpark Thal Panorama
Naturpark Thal Panorama

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Naturpark Thal nature reserve

Take the NaturparkBus to visit the second chain of the Jura mountains

45.1 km

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Passwang Route

Zwingen–Erschwil–Beinwil SO–Passwang–Mümliswil–Balsthal

47.3 km

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Hike from Iseltwald to the Giessbach Falls

Circular trail along Lake Brienz from Iseltwald to the Giessbach Falls

47.4 km