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Naturpark Thal Panorama
Naturpark Thal Panorama

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Naturpark Thal nature reserve

Take the NaturparkBus to visit the second chain of the Jura mountains

45.1 km

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Passwang Route

Zwingen–Erschwil–Beinwil SO–Passwang–Mümliswil–Balsthal

47.3 km

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Museum HAARUNDKAMM Mümliswil (Hair and comb museum)

Jewellery and decorative combs for crowned heads

47.9 km
50.8 km

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Art in Schönthal

Sculpture Park

51.0 km
51.2 km
53.9 km

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Schwarzbubenland Routes

Nunningen–Bretzwil–Seewen SO–Grellingen 116/111 / Nunningen–Himmelried–Grellingen 117

53.9 km

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Mariastein Abbey

Heaven on Earth

60.0 km

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Mariastein Routes: Flüh–Mariastein Route / Laufen–Mariastein Route


60.4 km

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Gempen–Oristal Route

Dornach–Hochwald–Seewen SO–Büren–Liestal, Route 67/73/111

61.3 km

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Salhöhe Route


67.1 km

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Cheisacherturm (Cheisacher Tower)

The latest Frick Valley attraction

82.8 km