Handicrafts thematic trail

Crafts to try out

Discover the long tradition of craftsmanship in Isenthal during a leisurely stroll through the village.

The Handicrafts adventure trail offers you the opportunity to explore several traditional handicraft techniques that have been practiced in Isenthal for a long time. Spread over six stations, you can work with, among other things, leather and wood. The thematic trail is accessible year-round and can be walked independently. Upon request, Isenthal Tourism also organizes guided tours with additional explanations of the handicrafts. The total walking time (without stations) is approximately 2 hours. The stations are set up between Chäppeli and St. Jakob alongside the postbus stops.


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Reservations required for groups of 10 or more. Reservation untill 4 pm at least one day before. Tel. +41 58 448 06 22

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Route open all year

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Wheelchair access to the postbus guaranteed. 

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Isenthal Tourismus
6461 Isenthal

+41 79 510 49 58