Impressions 2011

(movie in german)

«Slow down» was the Movimento slogan 2011. And Daniel Landolf, head of PostBus, greeted over 150 celebrities in the mobility branch – from both at home and abroad - at the Stade de Suisse Wankdorf in Berne for this year’s mobility forum on 15 November.

Speakers shed light on the many facets of «slow» and demonstrated which strategies or competitive advantages - whether in connection with nature, traffic or everyday business life – slowing down has to offer. What makes snails so successful? How did the successful «slow down» campaign against speed come about? Where does the potential of cycling as transport method lie? And should mobility be slowed down when everything else around us seems to get faster and faster. These together with other questions about mobility led to animating talks.

In addition, the towns Wil and Renens were awarded the FLUX golden transport hub. They were proclaimed prize-winners as their stations – in the case of Renens projected station – consistently encourage and safeguard slower traffic in an outstanding way.

Movimento 2012 takes place on 15 November.