CZV courses

CZV courses
PostBus offers you practical, high-quality CZV training courses

Guiding principles


This guiding principle is binding for all persons involved. It describes the direction of joint work and serves as a tool for improving and developing the quality of education.


We are guided by the principles of modern adult education (associative and exemplary learning).

The learning process

  • leads to the implementation of the learning content in everyday working life.
  • draws on the experience of participants and course leaders.

As a training center,

  • we take the interests of our customers into account in our offers.
  • we constantly review the current service and are open to new ideas.
  • we are guided by the principles of modern adult education.

The participants

  • are responsible for defining their personal learning goals.
  • reflect on their behaviour and evaluate their learning steps.
  • engage in mutual, open and constructive criticism.

The course instructors

  • establish a relationship based on trust with participants and those responsible for education.
  • make use of the wide range of methodological and didactic options for teaching materials.
  • communicate the content in a practical and targeted manner.
  • value a culture of constructive feedback.