Join us and seize your opportunity to make a difference. As a PostBus driver, you are continuing a long tradition of driving people safely to their destination and putting your personality to work every day.

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PostBus driver is not a job like any other. In addition to your driving skills and technical knowledge, you contribute your personality to the work every day. As a strong character, you are reliable, conscientious and enjoy your daily contact with the customers.

Your tasks

  • Regional public transport journeys, excursions and special trips or special transport services such as rail replacement
  • Adherence to the timetable, including information to passengers about guaranteed connections
  • Sale of tickets and carrying out ticket inspections
  • Passenger information and advice
  • Depending on the route, the transport of luggage, bicycles, skis, snowboards or postal items
  • Assistance for passengers with reduced mobility, e.g. when boarding and alighting, including servicing of ramps and lifts

What you have to offer

  • Minimum age: 21
  • Category D driving licence or willingness to complete category D training, category C or category B with at least 2 years of regular practical driving experience
  • Good health (see minimum medical requirementsTarget not accessible)
  • Completed apprenticeship
  • Flawless reputation
  • Good spoken and written knowledge of at least one national language
  • Foreign languages are beneficial in tourist areas
  • Enjoy driving and irregular working hours, including Sundays and public holidays

PostBus drivers. They’ve contributed to the good reputation and high quality of the Swiss public transport system since 1906. They take people safely to the most remote places.

Experience something new every day

Through the city, across the countryside, in all weather and in all road conditions: as a driver, you experience new situations every day. A wide range of driving challenges await you at the wheel: your skills are in demand!

Moving people

Do you enjoy interacting with people? Everyday contact with your passengers enriches your everyday life with exciting encounters. As a driver, you do far more than drive your vehicle: you provide information, advise and support your passengers and sell tickets. Your responsible actions and friendly manner make travelling by Postbus a positive experience for all passengers – from leisure travellers and commuters to group travellers.

Your workplace

50 seats – and yours is always at the front. 350 horsepower in the back that you delicately put on the road: this makes your workplace in a Postbus unique. Our fleet of over 2,400 vehicles is equipped with the latest technology.

If you’re in the yellow class, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits. With fair employment conditions and attractive company discounts, PostBus rewards your commitment to passengers and the company.

  • Free GA Travelcard for public transport

    2nd class GA Travelcard. Precondition: at least 50% level of employment. As well as attractive subscription discounts for family members

  • Allowances for night and Sunday work


  • Progressive social security benefits


  • Part-time work


  • Attractive working environment with long-term prospects

    Uniform programme to ensure you get a sound introduction to operations. Annual advanced training courses within the framework of the Driver Licensing Ordinance (CZV) which are financed in full by PostBus. Ongoing support and supervision from our new driver guides and practical trainers.

  • Special training

    Current topics such as battery and hybrid buses


  • Opportunities for promotion

    With relevant professional experience, advanced training and motivation, you have access to career opportunities: placements in staff or vehicle shift planning, instruction, ticket inspection, driving service management and training

We’re pleased that you’re interested in training at the PostBus driving school. PostBus has a career changers’ entry programme and offers a limited number of positions every year in which interested career changing entrants can train as bus drivers. You can apply for one of the advertised career changers’ positions. If you’re invited to an interview, you’ll see the training procedure below:

  1. 1

    Personal interview


  2. 2

    Apply for a provisional licence

    Approx. one month before appointment. Send a copy to

  3. 3

    1st working day

    Discussion of training programme and signing of training agreement

  4. 4


    Driving school and theory lessons. Passing the relevant examinations, introduction to operations

  5. 5

    Completion of training

    After approx. 2 months

  6. 6

    Start working as a Postbus driver

    in the third month or by arrangement

The training takes place in the first two months after the start of the new job. During this time, you’ll receive theoretical and practical driving instruction for cat. D up to passing the exam and the theoretical introduction to operations.

Once you’ve passed the cat. D exam, you’ll receive a practical introduction related to your area of operation. You’ll then be ready to start work and drive our passengers safely to their destination.

You’ll receive further details about the training course during the application process.

Our vacancies are advertised on the Jobs page. Unfortunately, we’re currently unable to consider spontaneous applications from career changers who do not apply online for an advertised position. Thank you for your understanding.

For general questions about recruitment, please contact the Swiss Post HR department.

Spontaneous applicants

We’re delighted that you’re interested in a position with PostBus. We don’t always have vacant driving positions. For this reason, please only apply online for one of our advertised positions. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications submitted without reference to a job ad. Thank you for your understanding.

For general questions about recruitment, please contact the Swiss Post HR department.

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