Facts and figures about PostBus 2023

We can’t do everything, but... one of the things we can do is drive on the steepest bus route in Europe! Did you already know that? Test your knowledge of PostBus facts and figures in our quiz. You could win one of four great prizes for true PostBus fans.

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A Postbus on a pass road

In our quiz, we ask you four questions on facts and figures related to PostBus. Answer all the questions correctly, and with a bit of luck, you could win one of the following prizes for true PostBus fans.

Closing date for entries: 24 April 2024

We wish you the best of luck!

Facts and figures about PostBus

The latest information on PostBus’s annual performance in 2023.

  • PostBus transported more passengers than ever before in 2023. How many passengers were there?
  • The steepest bus route in Europe is operated by PostBus and has gradients of up to 28 percent. Where does this route go?
  • The total length of the PostBus network is roughly equivalent to the distance as the crow flies between Zurich and Auckland in New Zealand. How many kilometres is that?
  • The highest Postbus stop is at 2,757 metres above sea level. Where is it found?
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