BirdLife Neeracherried Nature Reserve

Take a close look through your binoculars while sitting in an observation hut or walking along a nature trail: there’s so much to see at the BirdLife Nature Reserve.

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BirdLife Nature Reserve video

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All the birds are here and waiting. Come and join them today! Experience the fascinating diversity of Neeracherried up close. Countless numbers of bird species, amphibians and insects call the BirdLife Neeracherried Nature Reserve home.

Via a walkway, you will reach the two observation huts, where you can comfortably observe kingfishers, lapwings, cuckoos and nightingales, depending on the season.

Follow the two nature trails through the marsh, and hear the frogs croak and the dragonflies buzz on your left and right.

At Neeracherried, there’s always something to discover!

Travelling to the BirdLife Neeracherried Nature Reserve

Take PostBus route 510 from Oberglatt to “Riedt bei Neerach, Riedacher”, then walk for five minutes. The path is signposted.

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Between the Zurich nature centers

The first stage of Via Natura was opened between ThurauenTarget not accessible and NeeracherriedTarget not accessible in 2022.

Over the next few years, the signposting on the path will be expanded to create a circular hiking trail of around 200 kilometres between the Zurich nature centers.

Along the route, Via Natura leads through significant nature reserves and special landscapes to unfamiliar natural phenomena.

Feel Via Natura under your feet | ZVVTarget not accessible

Via Natura route

The current Via Natura route is divided into stages of between four and eleven kilometres, all of which start and end at a public transport stop.

www.vianatura.zuerichTarget not accessible

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