Carasc Tibetan bridge

The Carasc Tibetan bridge, the only one of its kind in Ticino, links the hills of Sementina to those of Monte Carasso. The bridge is 270 metres long, with a maximum height of 130 metres. Experience the sensation of walking while suspended in mid-air!

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The Tibetan bridge Carasc.

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The path for this exciting trip begins in Monte Carasso (PostBus stop: “Monte Carasso, Cunvént”). The first must-see sight on the trail is the inside of the San Bernardo church, where you can discover frescoes dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. A little while later, still following an easy path, you will reach the hamlet of Curzùtt, an ancient witness to a bygone era.

After approximately 90 minutes, you will arrive at the Tibetan bridge. Remember to take a deep breath if you’re afraid of heights, but don’t worry: the bridge is perfectly safe to cross thanks to its larch walkway, protective wire mesh and comfortable handrail. From all the way up there, you can enjoy a splendid view of the Magadino plateau and Bellinzona.

You will then descend towards Sementina, passing sights such as the Fortini della fame (hunger forts), which were military defence constructions, and the San Defendente plateau.

Finally, you will reach the PostBus stop “Sementina, Via Locarno”, which marks the end of your journey. You can also hike this route in the opposite direction.

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3 hrs 35 mins

Difficulty level



9 km

Altitude difference

720 m uphill / 720 m downhill

Outward journey

PostBus stop “Monte Carasso,Cunvént”

Return journey

PostBus stop “Sementina, Via Locarno”

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