Northern Switzerland, Solothurn / Aargau

Linn lime tree

The Linn lime in the Argovia Jurapark is the largest tree in the canton. All those who stop at the imposing lime tree will feel the energy of 800 years of history up close.

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Postbus in front of a mighty summer lime tree in the opposite light

The Linn lime tree and Sagemüli Valley

With a trunk circumference of 11 metres, the Linn lime is the largest, most famous tree in the Canton of Aargau. The summer lime tree was the filming location for the “Der Bestatter” series and has been a popular location for photos ever since. Relax under the imposing treetop and take in the view across the Aare Valley. After visiting the Linde valley, it’s well worth taking a stroll through the area as Linn’s townscape is virtually unmatched throughout the canton.

Linn nature and cultural trail

A circular trail will take you into the wild and romantic Sagemüli Valley. You’ll descend into the valley via the beech and pine forest to the waterfall. At five and a half metres, the Linnerbach waterfall is the highest in Aargau. Further on, you’ll find the idyllic Sagemüli lake. This protected location is a great place to stop. Along the Dorfstrasse and past beautiful farmhouses, you’ll walk back to the Linde.

The circular trail is 4 kilometres long, and it takes one hour to hike. 14 information boards provide information about the natural and cultural landscape of the Aargau Jura in the Linn region.

The Linn lime tree and Sagemüli Valley are places rich in energy.

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Video: from the Linn lime tree to Thalheim

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Cross Linnerberg Hill to reach the ruins of Schenkenberg.

The hike to the wine-growing village of Thalheim will take you to Linnerberg Hill. You’ll be right above the motorway tunnel through the Bözberg mountain, and can enjoy a magnificent view of the Alps. Büchmatt offers an impressive panorama of the Jura mountains. The trail continues to the ruins of Schenkenberg, the largest castle in the Canton of Aargau.

Attention all princesses and knights!

The ruins of Schenkenberg are a great place to reenact medieval times. How did the nobles here live at the time? The vestiges give us an idea of just how powerful this Habsburg complex from the 13th century must have been. It was a lack of maintenance rather than war that led to the castle’s ruin, and it crumbled bit by bit.

Along the vineyard slopes, you’ll finally reach the wine-growing village of Thalheim at the foot of the hill. Here you board the Postbus and return to Brugg.

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2 hrs 15 mins

Difficulty level



8 km

Altitude difference

249 metres uphill / 386 metres downhill

Outward journey

From Brugg AG, take route 372 to Bözberg, Linn

Return journey

From Thalheim AG, Unterdorf, take route 371 back to Brugg.

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