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UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve

UNESCO designated Entlebuch as the first biosphere reserve in Switzerland in 2001. It has more natural treasures (including moorlands and karst regions) than almost any other region of Switzerland.

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An idyllic landscape with fir trees

The “Wild West” of Lucerne

Switzerland’s largest and most abundant moorlands, impressive karst regions and flora and fauna of international importance can be found in the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve.

Covering an area of 400 km2, the biosphere reserve offers a variety of attractive destinations for nature lovers as well as hikers and adventurers of all ages. Unspoilt moorlands, idyllic Alpine meadows, wild mountain streams and the Schrattenfluh, which soars into the sky, make for very special experiences.



Travel to Wolhusen with ease by train and then on Postbus route 221Target not accessible to Romoos, Post.

The best places to pan for gold can be found around Romoos. Get ready for the thrill of Napf gold and discover the easiest way to find this precious metal on a half-day tour with Gsto Unternährer and his teamTarget not accessible.

Also located in Romoos is the natural playground ZyberlilandTarget not accessible, which provides an unforgettable experience for young and old alike thanks to its attractive play spaces.

Children can climb the Talherrenburg, crawl through willow tunnels or divert the flow of the Mühlibach stream in various ways. The 30-metre-long marble run, known as the Zyberlibahn, is also a lot of fun. Meanwhile, children can seek their way out of the Eschenhaus tree maze.

Heiligkreuz site of natural energy

The Postbus on route no. 233 EntlebuchTarget not accessible–Hasle–Heiligkreuz–Schüpfheim takes you from Entlebuch via Hasle and via Heiligkreuz to Schüpfheim. It’s well worth stopping at Heiligkreuz. Heiligkreuz is a place of pilgrimage and natural energy in the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve.

Whether it’s a short walk to the place of pilgrimage, a visit to a themed trail or a multi-hour hike, there’s something for everyone.

Marbach–Kemmeriboden route

The PostBus Marbach–Kemmeriboden route no. 251 runs from Escholzmatt via Wiggen, Marbach to Kemmeriboden. It’s worth stopping along this route because there’s so much to see.

You can discover various monuments and buildings on the historic circular trail in Escholzmatt. On the Marbachegg, you can enjoy cart rides, flow trails and extensive hiking trails in summer. Meanwhile, there’s sledging, snowshoe trekking and winter hiking in winter, with breathtaking views of the Schrattenfluh, Hohgant and the Bernese Alps.

Sörenberg route

The Postbus on the Sörenberg route 241Target not accessible runs from Schüpfheim through the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve and the impressive Lamm Gorge to Sörenberg, stopping at the Rothorn Railway and continuing until Glaubenbielen. In combination with route no. 363Target not accessible from Glaubenbielen to Giswil, this is a wonderful panoramic journey that takes in an entire excursion area and hiking landscape.

Away from the tourist crowds, the area offers a huge variety of leisure activities, including energetic and fairy tale trails, the Kneipp facilities, the Mooraculum moor children’s playground, satellite-guided hiking and guided excursions.


PostBus route no. 234 will take you from Schüpfheim to Bramboden via Hasle. The hamlet of Bramboden (1,053 m above sea level) is located south of the municipality of Romoos and is a jewel nestled in the Entlebuch countryside at the foot of the Napf mountain. Hike along the charcoal burner trail from Bramboden to Romoos and learn more about charcoal burning and its history.

Situated in Bramboden is the Wiesner MysterionTarget not accessible, where star chef Stefan Wiesner – also known as the “Wizard of Entlebuch” – pampers his guests with avant-garde cuisine while they enjoy the stunning view with panoramic landscapes.

Excursion report by Travelita

The well-known Swiss travel blogger TravelitaTarget not accessible tested the charcoal trail in Entlebuch for us. Take a look at her excursion reportTarget not accessible and hiking suggestions for inspiration.

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