Valle Verzasca

Discover the picturesque villages, emerald green river and breathtaking panorama of this truly unique valley.

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Ponte dei Salti, Lavertezzo

With its magical green river and tranquil villages, the beauty of the narrow Valle Verzasca will enchant you. From the valley floor to the Alpine peaks, the opportunities for hikes are numerous.

The dam

Visit the Lago di Vogorno dam at the entrance of the valley (stop: “Diga Verzasca”). You might even see someone bungee-jumping from the dam, like James Bond in the film Goldeneye.

The Verzasca Valley trail

The path known as the Verzasca Valley trail begins near the dam (Sentiero Verzasca n. 74). The route follows the ancient mule track to Sonogno, passing old rural buildings, chapels, bridges, waterfalls and flowering meadows. This is an easy hike that can be stopped and restarted whenever you choose thanks to the practical access provided by numerous PostBus stops.

The Ponte dei Salti

Don’t miss out on the idyllic image of the Ponte dei Salti bridge near Lavertezzo (stop: “Lavertezzo, Paese”). This double-arch Romanesque bridge of mediaeval origin is one of the many fascinating attractions in the region.

Museo di Val Verzasca

In Sonogno, the remotest village in the valley, you can visit the Museo di Val Verzasca (stop: “Sonogno”). Located inside a house typical of Verzasca, this museum showcases the history and traditions of the valley.

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