Your trip to Val d’Anniviers

Explore the solar system on the Planets Trail. Take a walk to Pluto. Make the journey over only 6 km (outward) at three times the speed of light!

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The Planets Trail at Val d’Anniviers

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At the top of the funicular, follow the Hôtel Weisshorn signs on the trail and begin your adventure with the first celestial body – the Sun.

On the trail, you’ll discover the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and its natural satellite the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, before finally reaching Pluto lying at the edge of our solar system.

A galactic adventure to be enjoyed with family or friends. An easy hike available from May to October.

Take a walk to Pluto

Seeing as the distances between the planets have been scaled down by a billionth, each metre (each of your steps) corresponds to a million kilometres.

That you’ll complete this celestial crossing in just six kilometres (one way) at three times the speed of light!

To get there, from Sierre, take the Postbus No 451, with a change at Vissoie, then bus 454 to St-Luc, then take the funicular for St-Luc.

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Other activities to enjoy in Val d’Anniviers

Tignousa Planet Park

Embark on your hike passing through the Tignousa Planet Park at the top of the funicular, right next to the Tignousa restaurant. A truly playful and educational paradise for children.

Foxtrail in Zinal

Set off in search of the crafty fox! Decipher codes, find hidden messages and use your intuition to solve the riddles along the way. Foxtrail, the fascinating treasure hunt, will help you discover Zinal in a different way.

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12 km


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