Chur–Bellinzona route

The Chur–Bellinzona route will take you on a historic discovery tour. Enjoy a wonderful journey through areas featuring climatic contrasts and cultural diversity. The Chur–Bellinzona route takes you from Chur through the Domleschg, the Viamala Gorge, the San Bernardino tunnel and the Misox to Bellinzona.

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Postbus in Splügen on the way to Bellinzona in an autumnal setting

Attractions along the route

Discover the special charm of Chur, Switzerland’s oldest city. Shortly after Reichenau, the broad valley of Domleschg awaits you, with the highest castle density in Europe. Marvel at the crashing waters in the Vialama Gorge on your way to Thusis. The Church of St Martin in Zillis is world-famous. Relax in the mineral baths in the spa town of Andeer and take a detour to Juf, the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe.

From Splügen, the route winds through the unspoilt Roffla Gorge up into the Rhine forest. On the other side of the San Bernardino tunnel is the San Bernardino mineral spring, as well as unique cultural treasures such as the San Martino Church and Mesocco Castle. After Grono, the gateway to the unspoiled and romantic Val Calanca, you arrive at the bottom of the valley. Bellinzona welcomes you with its southern charm.


  • Chur – Switzerland’s oldest city
  • Bathing in Andeer
  • Splügen Pass
  • San Bernardino Pass
  • Castles of Bellinzona

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Viamala Gorge

The Hinter Rhine has shaped the surrounding countryside for thousands of years. The mystical gorge just a few metres wide offers a unique natural spectacle. Stone steps lead down into the deep gorge where you can experience the scenery and its narrow confines up close. Even in bad weather, it’s a worthwhile trip.

St Martin’s Church in Zillis

Visitors to St Martin’s Church in Zillis will discover a precious cultural treasure: 153 Romanesque wooden panels, painted 900 years ago, adorn the ceiling. The exhibition contains fascinating information about their history.

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