Eastern Switzerland

Flumserberg route

The Flumserberg route takes you from the Sargans express train stop to the Flumserberg via Flums without any changes. Enjoy the unique skiing and hiking area with magnificent views and the beautiful landscape of Heidi’s homeland.

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Bikers on the Flumserberg, with the Churfirsten mountain range in the background © Flumserberg

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In Flums, near Lake Walen, you’ll discover the tradition of carving masks in the Sarganserland Mask Museum. To the west of the village are the impressive ruins of Gräpplang castle. You can also visit the Church of St. Justus and the Chapels of St. Jacob and St. George.

Across Flums, the terraced holiday resort of Flumserberg features magnificent views of Lake Walen and the Churfirst mountain range. In this family-friendly village, there are playgrounds and hiking trails ideal for buggies. You’ll find many other activities such as hiking, cycling, Nordic walking and mountain lake swimming. There’s fun for all the family along the adventure trail that will take you into the world of myths. The alpine flora trail also promises exciting hiking. The seven peak tour with views of 150 mountaintops is more challenging. The GeoGalerie highlights the art of nature and explains the history of the folding of the Alps to visitors.

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Summer tobogganing

The “FLOOMZER” toboggan run on the Flumserberg stretches a full two kilometres. It will give you a adrenaline boost and really put the wind in your hair. The toboggan run takes you through some fantastic scenery on the Flumserberg with panoramic views of the Alps and lakes below.

The modern, safe toboggan run begins from the Chrüz mountain station at 1,600 m, taking in the breathtaking scenery around the Flumserberg to the Kabinenbahn restaurant at 1,350 m. During the 247-metre-long downhill run, you’ll enjoy three roundabouts, numerous bends, jumps, bridges, twisters, waves and even two tunnels.

Seven peaks tour

After a leisurely gondola ride from Tannenboden, you’ll reach the Maschgenkamm. This is where your panoramic hike begins, taking you over seven peaks. Make sure you have enough time to enjoy the ever-changing landscape. The high-alpine backdrops of the Graubünden, Glarus and Central Swiss Alps, as well as gentle mountain ranges and meadows are a visual treat. At the end of the tour, you’ll have a magnificent view down to Lake Walen. The hiking time is five and a half to six hours.

Rohan Rothirsch adventure trail

Discover the Rohan Rothirsch adventure trail, which leads you through a picturesque landscape from Prodkamm down to Prodalp. Numerous play stations and information boards along the way make this hike an unforgettable experience. Experience mountain meadows, balance over old tree trunks and cross mysterious forests.

The following attractions await you:

  • Hike from Prodkamm to Prodalp (hiking time approx. 2 hours)
  • Collectable ticket for the numerous play stations (available from the Flumserberg cable cars, the Prodkamm moun-tain inn and the Prodalp mountain restaurant)
  • Prodalp mountain restaurant: modern self-service restaurant with deckchairs, sun terrace and large playground
  • Flowing downhill fun for the whole family on 13 km of easy and moderately difficult bike trails

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