Gambarogno mountains

Admire Locarno and its surroundings from a different angle! Walking through the Gambarogno mountains along easy paths, pastures and meadows, you can enjoy a splendid view of Lake Maggiore.

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View from the Gambarogno mountains
View from the Gambarogno mountains

Gambarogno is known around the world for its beautiful shoreline, but its mountains also have a great deal to offer. A stunning network of paths links the mountains of Vairano, Gerra, Sant’Abbondio and Caviano.

Discover the Gambarogno mountains

This beautiful location can be reached with ease by taking the Postbus from Magadino. Disembark at the “Monti di Fosano, Bivio Piazzogna” stop to begin the hike.

After walking for around half an hour, you arrive at the first mountain, Vairano. The hike continues to the other mountains on an easy path, and you can enjoy splendid views of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding Alps along the way. The view of the Ghiridone range above Brissago, with its peaks, is also spectacular.

Finally, you arrive at the mountains of Caviano and Sant’Abbondio, also known as Centocampi, which are famous for their thatched huts unique to the area.

The walk takes approximately three hours and ends with a steep path climbing up to Scaiano and Dirinella. The bus stop for the return journey (“Dirinella, Bivio per Caviano”) is located on the cantonal road.


3 hrs 15 mins

Difficulty level



9.85 km

Altitude difference

+ 584 m / – 1,158 m

Outward journey

PostBus stop “Monti di Fosano, Bivio Piazzogna”

Return journey

PostBus stop “Dirinella, Bivio per Caviano”

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