Philosophers’ trail

Nobody truly knows why this walk is called the philosophers’ trail, but you can easily imagine the reasons when you’re walking through the peace and quiet of nature.

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A lady on the philosopher's path. © Davide Adamoli
© Davide Adamoli

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The philosophers’ trail begins near the stop “Cademario, Lisone”. This path, which is easy to navigate and well signposted, winds through the majestic natural arena formed by Monte Gradiccioli.

On the route, you will pass through the charming Caroggio plain, a clearing in the Magliasina Valley and near the Alpe Agra that is home to chestnut woods and a small habitat rich in wildlife.

In less than an hour, this pleasant and relaxing walk will lead you to the Cross of Arosio, located at the top of the Agra hill. From there, the panoramic view is remarkable: the whole of Alto Malcantone and the chain of mountains that links Monte Lema and Monte Tamaro can be seen.

You can begin your journey home by public transport from the PostBus stop “Arosio, Bassa”.

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1 hr

Difficulty level



4.5 km

Outward journey

PostBus stop “Cademario, Lisone”

Return journey

PostBus stop “Arosio, Bassa”

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