Northern Switzerland, Solothurn / Aargau

PSI Visitor Centre Villigen

The Paul Scherrer Institute is Switzerland’s largest research centre for natural and engineering sciences. You can experience the research first-hand in the Visitor Centre. The various research areas of PSI are brought to life in 13 themed zones.

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Institute Paul Scherrer Institute grounds seen from the air
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Visiting the researchers

Visit researchers virtually at work. Have fun as you immerse yourself in the research areas of PSI. In 13 themed zones, the researchers give you an insight into their working environment using animated film portraits.

Questions about storing energy from renewable sources are central here, as are the further development of medical diagnostics and therapies. The search for new materials for the development of innovative electronics and the conception of future technologies such as quantum computers are further areas of focus.

Entertaining 3D films produced by the Paul Scherrer Institute complement the exhibition topics.

Getting to PSI

Postbus route 376 from Brugg, Bahnhof to Villigen, PSI Ost. The PostBus stop is just a few minutes’ walk from the PSI Forum Visitor Center.

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