Eastern Switzerland

Schwägalp route
Every 30 minutes at weekends when the weather is good

The Schwägalp route offers a varied journey to the Säntis region. The start is in Urnäsch or Nesslau, where Postbuses first travel gently, then steeply up to the Schwägalp. The Schwägalp and Säntis region has plenty to offer.

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On the journey from Schwägalp to Urnäsch – in the background the Säntis.
On the journey from Schwägalp to Urnäsch – in the background the Säntis.

Since the opening of the Säntis aerial cableway in 1935, Postbuses have travelled from Urnäsch to the Schwägalp. The village of Urnäsch is impressive with its picturesque rows of houses. At the start, the trail along the Urnäsch river leads past traditional Appenzell farms through the hilly landscape. From Steinfluh, the trail becomes steep, and the Postbus takes you through hairpin bends before reaching the Schwägalp.

From Nesslau, the Postbuses are constantly in the shadow of the Säntis massif. The landscape exudes charm in both winter and summer. Passing the charming village of Ennetbühl, a natural landscape opens up with expansive pastures and forests as far as the pass and Schwägalp.

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Urnäsch–Schwägalp: every 30 minutes
If the weather is good, Postbuses run every half an hour. Every weekend in summer.

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Postbuses run every 30 minutes on weekends when the weather forecast is good. The half-hourly service runs every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 12 May to 20 October 2024.

  • From Urnäsch from 8.47 a.m. to 11.47 a.m. and 12.47 p.m. to 3.47 p.m.
  • From Schwägalp from 9.17 a.m. to 11.17 a.m. and 12.17 p.m. to 4.17 p.m

If the weather forecast is poor, no good weather services will run. This can be seen in the online timetable every Thursday for the coming weekend. Postbuses then run every hour from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Säntis – the mountain!

The cable car to the Säntis takes less than ten minutes. Situated in magnificent natural surroundings, this area at 2,502 m above sea level offers a 360° panorama across six states, as far as Lake Constance and into the Alps. The following experiencesTarget not accessible really are worth a visit:

  • Säntis – the weather mountain
  • Säntis – the story
  • Säntis – the geology
  • Säntis – the world of ice

Having experienced the stunning views, why not take a break. In summer, the Säntis is the starting point and destination for numerous challenging mountain hikes.

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From the Schwägalp to Lehmen

From the Schwägalp, the trail will take you across Alpine pastures and through forests to Lehmen. With views of the impressive Säntis massif, the well-maintained trail takes you safely via the Chammhalde, through the Potersalp to Schwizerälpli and on to Alp Grossberndli. It continues via Leustockli–Vorderleu to Lehmen. From the Waldgasthof Lehmen, you can order the flexible PubliCar Appenzell on-demand bus, which will take you conveniently to Weissbad or Appenzell.

Difficulty level



9 km

Altitude difference

+ 80 m / - 400 m

Outward journey

Schwägalp, Säntis cable car station

Return journey

Lehmen (PubliCar Appenzell)

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