Eastern Switzerland

Schwägalp route

The Schwägalp route offers a varied journey to the Säntis region. The start is in Urnäsch or Nesslau, where Postbuses first travel gently, then steeply up to the Schwägalp. The Schwägalp and Säntis region has plenty to offer.

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On the journey from Schwägalp to Urnäsch – in the background the Säntis.

The Schwägalp route is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful PostBus routes. Postbuses have been running on the Schwägalp since 1935. From Urnäsch, the Postbus first passes through the village with one of the most beautiful rows of houses in the Appenzell region. Following the Urnäsch river, once to the left and then again to the right, it slowly makes its way up. Initially, past traditional farms and on through the hilly landscape. From Steinfluh, the trail becomes steep, and the Postbus takes you through hairpin bends before reaching the Schwägalp.

From Nesslau-Neu St. Johann, the Postbuses are constantly in the shadow of the Schwägalp and the Säntis massif. The landscape exudes charm in both winter and summer. Passing the charming village of Ennetbühl, a natural landscape opens up with expansive pastures and forests as far as the pass and Schwägalp.


  • Urnäsch village with the Museum of Appenzell Traditions: alpine drive (Öberefahre), the Bloch, the Sennenball, the Alpstobete, the cattle show and of course the Silvesterklausen celebrations.
  • Schwägalp with numerous opportunities to experience nature and go hiking in both summer and winter.
  • Säntis – the mountain! A mountain that offers views, weather and experiences, and is a starting point for numerous mountain hikes.

Lillyweg – a perfect family hiking experience

What do you think Lilly and Martin will experience on their hike? The 14-stop LillywegTarget not accessible starts at the PostBus stop Steinfluh (route 791). Whether it’s building “Steinmannli”, playing with the “Chüglibahn” or balancing on tree stumps, there’s plenty for youngsters to enjoy.

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Swiss hiking trails – discover them for free now

Discover the benefits and detailed hiking informationTarget not accessible.

Would you like to discover more hiking suggestions from the Swiss Hiking Trail?

Then create a free user account at the Swiss Hiking TrailTarget not accessible and receive free access for 30 days to over 1,000 hiking suggestions (just click on the hiking suggestion you want and register). You can also take advantage of other benefits such as downloading GPS route data or recommended refreshments on the tour.

PostBus is an official transport partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail and is committed to sustainable mobility.

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Säntis – the mountain!

The cable car to the Säntis takes just ten minutes. Eastern Switzerland’s own local mountain is a fascinating place to visit. Situated in magnificent natural surroundings, this area at 2,502 m above sea level offers a 360° panorama across six states, as far as Lake Constance and into the Alps. The following experiences really are worth a visit:

  • Säntis – der Wetterberg
  • Säntis – die Geschichte
  • Säntis – die Eiswelt

Having experienced the stunning views, why not take a break in one of the restaurants. In summer, the Säntis is the starting point and destination for numerous challenging mountain hikes.

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The Schwägalp offers plenty of variety

The Säntis Nature Discovery Park, with some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Europe, has plenty to offer. Why not immerse yourself in the five themed trails – “Geology stone park”, “Moor”, “People and the environment”, “Alpine economy” or “Forest.”

Over a million litres of Schwägalp milk are made into cheese in the Alpine show dairy in the summer months. The shop with a showroom is open from May to October (and in November if the weather is good).

A wide network of trails provides a range of hikes, from easy walks to challenging mountain tours.

From the Schwägalp to Lehmen

A varied trail will take you from the Schwägalp across Alpine pastures and through forests to Lehmen. From the Schwägalp, the trail continues along the valley floor and, after a short ascent, to the Chammhalde. This ridge, right in the valley between the Säntis mountain range and Kronberg, is also the border between Ausser- and Innerrhoden. The route carries on along a well-developed path through the Potersalp. From here, the hike over Alpweiden takes you to Schwizerälpli and then to Alp Grossberndli. The path descends via the Berndlibach gorge, before continuing on via Leustöckli–Vorderleu to Lehmen. From Lehmen, you can order the flexible PubliCar Appenzell on-demand bus, which will take you conveniently to Weissbad or Appenzell. You can stop for a bite to eat at the Waldgasthof Lehmen before the on-demand bus arrives.

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