Thurauen Nature Center in Flaach

Thurauen, located in Zurich’s wine country, is the largest protected wetland nature reserve in Central Switzerland. The renaturalized area is home to incredible biodiversity. With binoculars and a little bit of luck, visitors to the reserve can spot rare animals from the experience trail.

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Visitors to the experience park ©PanEco
Thurauen Nature Center experience trail

Beavers, kingfishers and golden orioles?

At Thurauen Nature Center, you can spot frogs and dragonflies. And who knows? With a bit of luck and patience, you might even spot a kingfisher, the rare tree frog or the utterly peaceful grass snake. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Thurauen Nature Center will fascinate the whole family. The vibrant river landscape at the confluence of the Thur and Rhine is constantly changing, creating the living conditions for many animal and plant species.

An interactive permanent exhibition provides information about the various plants and animals in this protected area and the renaturalization of the ThurTarget not accessible. Wetlands are of the utmost importance to flora and fauna.

An experience trail through the middle of the wetland forest leads partly along wooden walkways through a mystical natural landscape that has been left to its own devices.

For anyone who wants to treat themselves to a break: Thurauen Nature Center has both a playground and a firepit. You’re also sure to enjoy the Flaach swimming poolTarget not accessible next to Thurauen Nature Center.

Travelling to Thurauen Nature Center

Take Postbus 675 to “Flaach, Ziegelhütte”. Thurauen Nature Center is a ten-minute walk from there.

From one Zurich nature center to another

The first section of Via Natura was opened between ThurauenTarget not accessible and NeeracherriedTarget not accessible in 2022.

The well-signposted hiking trail will be expanded over the next few years to create a circular hike of around 200 kilometres between the Zurich nature centers. Via Natura leads through official nature reserves and special landscapes to unfamiliar natural phenomena.

Via Natura route

The Via NaturaTarget not accessible route is divided into sections of between four and eleven kilometres. All routes start and end at a public transport stop.

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