Törbel–Zeneggen–Bürchen panoramic trail

Do you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature? If so, the Moosalp region is just the right place for you. When the first snowflakes start to fall, the whole area transforms into a unique winter landscape.

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Moosalp region in winter Unique winter landscape in the Moosalp region
winter moss region

The Moosalp region in winter

Snow-laden birches and Swiss stone pines, wide snowy expanses and a breathtaking panorama are the perfect backdrop for long snowshoe tours or peaceful winter hikes. Hike from one mountain village to the next across crisp snow, and discover the most beautiful vantage points. The panoramic trail is a complete novelty in Switzerland.

Panoramic trail from Törbel to Bürchen

The attractive panoramic trail from Törbel to Bürchen or vice versa offers an extraordinary amount of peace and quiet. You can reach the starting point in Törbel, Furen by taking the Postbus from Visp or Stalden, a village distinctive for its sun-bronzed wooden houses. The hike will lead you through relatively flat snowy forests to the hamlet of Obere Hellela in Zeneggen, followed by a gentle descent to Bürchen, Ronalp. You can also begin your journey home by Postbus.


2 hrs 50 mins

Difficulty level



8 km

Altitude difference

300 m uphill / 390 m downhill

Starting point

PostBus stop: Törbel, Furen


PostBus stop: Bürchen, Ronalp

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Travel free of charge on PostBus routes in Bürchen and Törbel

Make skiing and winter hiking even more fun! Take your pick from the most beautiful destinations in the Moosalp region and enjoy travel at no cost. From Saturday, 16 December 2023 to Tuesday, 19 March 2024, you can travel free of charge on the following PostBus routes using your “Bürchen und Törbel” guest card.

  • Route 528 Visp–Bürchen–Moosalp, between Bürchen, Obscha and Bürchen, Egga
  • Route 518 Stalden–Törbel–Moosalp, between Törbel, Burgen–Törbel, Skilift Z Niwwu

Show the Postbus driver your guest card when boarding.

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