Via del Ceneri

Monte Ceneri has always been an essential transit route between northern and southern Ticino. The Via del Ceneri gives you the chance to discover the history and secrets of this place once passed through by wayfarers and pilgrims.

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Via dei briganti, boschi del Monte Ceneri

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The Via del Ceneri starts near the Piazza Ticino (“Rivera, Passo del Ceneri” stop) where you can admire a totem made using rocks excavated from the tunnel.

Set off to discover the history of Ceneri.

The “Museo della Radio” (Radio Museum) and Sheepback Rocks is the first stage before descending down the trail leading to “Il Roccolo”, an ancient tower used for trapping birds. The route continues towards Robasacco, a cultural heritage site.

Don’t miss out on a visit to the “Galleria del racconto”, located in the underpass of the motorway between Robasacco and Cadenazzo, which traces the development of modes of transport and means of communication. After passing through Mulino and Pesta del Precassino you reach Cadenazzo.

There’s the option of ending the hike here and returning on public transport (duration of excursion: around 2.5 hours). If you decide to continue, you can enjoy visiting the “Fortini della Fame” (hunger forts), the Villa dei Cedri and the magnificent squares and churches of Bellinzona. Return from the “Bellinzona, Piazza Orico” stop.

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4 hours 40 minutes

Difficulty level



17.8 km

Altitude difference

290 m uphill/628 m downhill

Outward journey

“Rivera, Passo del Ceneri” Postbus stop

Return journey

“Bellinzona, Piazza Orico” Postbus stop. For the shorter version of the hike: Cadenazzo station

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