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Winkelried bus service

PostBus route 310 has connected the cantons of Nidwalden and Uri between Stans and Altdorf for over 40 years. It’s a wonderful and eco-friendly way to take the Postbus for excursions in Nidwalden, Uri and Ticino.

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The Postbus, called the Winkelried bus, passes in front of the Winkelried monument in Stans.

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Discover the small Canton of Uri with its large scenery on PostBus route 310, the Winkelried bus service. It’s worth taking the time to experience Uri instead of just driving through. The Winkelried bus service: a fast connection between Stans and Altdorf.

PostBus route 310 connects two cantons and is ideal for commuters working in the Canton of Uri or Nidwalden. The route also takes leisure passengers from Stans railway station to Bellinzona in 1 hour and 20 minutes. And all with just one change to the train in Altdorf!



StansTarget not accessible, the capital of the Canton of Nidwalden, is nestled between the Stanserhorn, the Buochserhorn and the Bürgenstock at the edge of the Nidwalden valley floor. In the village square, you will find the Winkelried monument.

Stans railway station is a five-minute walk from the Stanserhorn RailwaysTarget not accessible valley station. The journey up to the Stanserhorn on the vintage funicular railway and the CabriO cableway is an unforgettable experience. Once you’ve reached the top, the Stanserhorn offers a magnificent view over 100 kilometres of the Alps, ten Swiss lakes and 200 different Alpine flowers. The Stanserhorn is the ideal mountain for all your hiking needs: from the circular walk on the summit (30 minutes) to the hike from Stans to the Stanserhorn (four hours). Find out where to see the most beautiful flowers, where to watch eagles in flight and other fascinating anecdotes from the friendly Stanserhorn rangers.


From Stans, take Postbus route 310Target not accessible to Beckenried, Post. Hike from Beckenried to Rütli (approx. 4 1/2 hours) along the southern lakeshore, following part (stage 7Target not accessible) of the Waldstätterweg. On this stage, you climb through the attractive and imposing Risleten GorgeTarget not accessible.


PostBus route 310Target not accessible transports you conveniently from Stans to Altdorf, Bahnhof West. Altdorf, the capital of the Canton of Uri, is an ideal starting point for excursions to the Uri region. It’s well worth experiencing the small canton with large scenery, rather than just passing through it.

The world-famous William Tell monumentTarget not accessible is located in the heart of Altdorf. Stop by to take a photo of Uri’s most famous resident as a memento of your visit.

Altdorf’s sun terrace, the Eggberge, is situated at around 1,500 metres above sea level, overlooking the Reuss plain and offering magnificent views of the Uri mountain landscape and Lake Uri. After a 15-minute journey by cable car from Altdorf, you can enjoy the wonderful view. The Eggberge mountains are an ideal starting point for hikes.


Travel conveniently from Altdorf to Bellinzona railway station by train, and then take Postbus route 4Target not accessible towards Sasso Corbaro. At the final stop (Bellinzona, Sasso Corbaro), you’ll find the highest castle of the three Castles of BellinzonaTarget not accessible, Sasso Corbaro Castle. You can also explore the other two castles, Montebello and Castelgrande.

BellinzonaTarget not accessible is a gateway both to Italy from the north and to the Alps from the south. Numerous boutiques, specialist shops offering culinary specialities and cafés will tempt you to stroll and linger.

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Benefit from supersaver tickets on this route. The connections with available supersaver tickets are shown in the online timetable under “Timetable and ticket purchases” and are marked with a % symbol in each case.

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