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Tickets for connections in the following integrated fare networks can be purchased via the PostBus app:  A-Welle, Arcobaleno, Frimobil, Flextax ITV Engadin, Libero Mobilis Onde Verte* Ostwind Passepartout TNW TV Schwyz TV Zug Z-Pass. Connections that go beyond the integrated network fare boundaries are currently not available via the PostBus app. However, PostBus aims to make the purchase of such connections possible ASAP.

*Onde Verte - Importante: viene proposto un assortimento di biglietti e di carte giornaliere a zone. Nessun biglietto disponibile per tragitto corto né per carte giornaliere locali a La Chaux-de-Fonds o Le Locle.

The advantages of Mobile Ticketing:

  • Timetable-based sales You select the desired journey stretch from the timetable - and all options are automatically defined.
  • A single app for all transport networks You don’t need a separate app for every individual transport network; with the PostBus App you can obtain tickets for all companies participating in the integrated network fares.

The pocketable ticket machine that works:

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