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Swiss public transport award FLUX awarded for the 10th time

Neuchâtel / Jura / Bernese Jura

Press release, 1 December 2016

Delémont is the most innovative and customer-friendly medium-sized transport hub in Switzerland. The capital of the canton of Jura, was today awarded the “FLUX – Golden Transport Hub” winner’s prize in Berne, outrivaling competition from Dornach-Arlesheim, Interlaken West and Wettingen in the final.

SmartShuttle: Testing in Sion resumes


Press release, 6 October 2016

Postbus will resume testing with the SmartShuttles in Sion from today, Thursday. The partners responsible for testing have used the two-week interruption to investigate the causes for the collision with the open tailgate of a parked delivery van. On the basis of their findings, PostBus and the vehicle supplier Navya have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent a similar incident happening in the future.  

30 year anniversary of PostBus route Lucerne–Rotkreuz

Central Switzerland

News dated 22 September 2016

A 30-year anniversary is usually not a reason for a big celebration, but in connection with the 2016 Year of Public Transportation of the Canton Lucerne, the 30th anniversary of the PostBus route Lucerne–Rotkreuz fits in perfectly. 

Five years of hydrogen-powered travel


Press release, 8 September 2016

At the end of the year, PostBus will bring the project involving five fuel cell Postbuses in the region of Brugg to an end. PostBus has proven that everyday operation of routes with fuel cell vehicles is possible. But what does the future hold for the hydrogen filling station in Brugg?

Central Alps: Season opening for the longest bus journey in Switzerland


Press release, 22 June 2016

Travel in a Postbus on the four-pass route in the Central Alps on a journey lasting almost nine hours. The longest and most spectacular PostBus route in Switzerland traverses terrain at an altitude of over 5,000 metres. The season starts on 25 June.

Start of public testing of autonomous shuttles


Press release of 23 June 2016

Residents and visitors can now get around Sion with the PostBus self-driving shuttles. The authorities have granted approval for the pilot project in a specified area of the city. Self-driving buses carrying passengers on the roads in public areas are a first in Switzerland. 

PostBus signs concerning livestock protection


Press release, 7 June 2016

Guard dogs protect sheep from wolf attacks. Many hikers and cyclists are unsure how they should behave around these dogs. The Agridea information signs now offer tips on site. The signs are actually converted bus stop signs, donated to this good cause by PostBus.

Federal Government grants final approval of the special Brunau motorway exit


Press release, 20.05.2016

Public service buses and postbuses are benefitting from a special motorway exit for public transportation near Zurich-Brunau. Following a two-year trial phase, the Federal Government has decided to give the go-ahead for an indefinite period.

12 May 2017 – National Parks Market in Switzerland


News, 14.03.2017

A gathering of tasty treats from the Swiss parks awaits you on the third National Parks Market day on May 12 on the Bundesplatz in Berne. Come along to taste, savour and purchase regional products from various Swiss parks - and it’s a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift too! Lunchtime sees Binntal’s typical “Cholera“ dish or Capuns from the Beverin parklands; not forgetting both sweet and salty delicacies, refreshing drinks and aperitif platters with wine or beer served at all hours on this special day. Besides culinary treats and your fill of all the natural beauty Swiss parks have to offer, fun activities such as creating your own bath salts with mountain herbs, putting yourselves in the shoes of a beekeeper and plenty more exciting activities are also on the menu. Contemplating another Swiss parks outing as you lean comfortably back in your postbus seats is not a bad idea either! 

145 million passengers carried with PostBus


Press release, 17.03.2016

Last year, PostBus Switzerland Ltd once again travelled more kilometres, transporting significantly more passengers in the process.

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