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100 years of Postbus travel over the Gotthard


Press release, 15 June 2022

The first Postbuses travelled over the Gotthard Pass in June 1922. And today, 100 years later, passengers can travel by Postbus from Andermatt to Airolo in summer and combine their excursion with the legendary multi-pass journey. The anniversary season begins on 25 June and runs until 9 October 2022. 

Encouraging increase in passenger numbers


Press release, 17 March 2022

In 2021, PostBus transported over 135 million passengers, covering a distance of 132 million kilometres. This represents an encouraging rise of 6.5 percent on the previous year, but is still well below the pre-pandemic level (167 million). 

100 years Surbtal route

Northern Switzerland
Solothurn / Aargau

100 years Surbtal route

If it were not for the First World War, there would be no Postbuses in Surbtal today. The plan had originally been to build a railway line from Niederweningen to Döttingen, but because SBB ran out of money for the project, an automobile service was set up instead. What began as a temporary solution ended up as a permanent fixture. 

PostBus operations outside Switzerland


PRESS RELEASE 30 September 2019

Swiss Post completes sale of CarPostal France to Keolis S.A.

Swiss Post to sell CarPostal France to Keolis S.A.


Press release, 27. Mai 2019

Swiss Post is in advanced talks with Keolis S.A. to sell CarPostal France. The interested buyer is a subsidiary of SNCF. The two companies signed an exclusivity agreement for the sale on 16 May.

Chairman of the Board of Directors announces comprehensive clarification of irregular accounting practices


Press release, 15 February 2018

Following the Swiss Post Board of Directors’ discussions and resolutions regarding the irregular accounting practices in segment accounting at PostBus between 2007 and 2015, Chairman of the Board of Directors Urs Schwaller has given his response to the matter. At a press conference today, he set out the immediate measures approved by the Board of Directors aimed at rectifying this serious incident. The focus of these measures is an organization specially created to manage the investigations. This organization will comprehensively clarify the matter and the various responsibilities and report directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Thomas Baur’s interim leadership of PostBus will also receive additional support from a team of internal and external experts. The Board of Directors has passed a vote of confidence in CEO Susanne Ruoff. No new findings regarding clarification of the matter are currently available.

PostBus Switzerland Ltd received excess compensatory payments


Press release, 6 February 2018

During an audit of accounting of services at PostBus Switzerland Ltd, the Federal Office of Transport (FOT) found evidence of accounting practices that do not comply with the law. In view of these audit findings, Swiss Post initiated enquiries by independent experts in November 2017 concerning financial reporting under subsidy law at the Swiss Post subsidiary PostBus Switzerland Ltd. Both the FOT and Swiss Post have concluded that PostBus Switzerland Ltd used accounting practices that do not comply with subsidy law in the period from 2007 to 2015 and, as a result, received excessively high compensation for the provision of public transport services. Swiss Post management has already undertaken relevant measures, and PostBus will reimburse the Confederation and the cantons in full for the unlawful compensatory payments.

FLUX 2017: Château-d’Oex named «Golden Transport Hub»


Press release, 30 November 2017

This year, the jury of the “FLUX – Golden Transport Hub” prize examined tourist transfer hubs with metre-gauge tracks. Château-d’Oex has come out on top: PostBus, the Swiss Association of Public Transport (APT) and the Swiss Association for Transport and Environment (ATE) presented the municipality in Vaud with the FLUX 2017 prize. Arosa (canton of Graubünden) and Innertkirchen (canton of Berne) were also considered for this coveted Swiss public transport award. 

After 20 years as Head of PostBus: Daniel Landolf takes early retirement


Press release dated 2 November 2017

Daniel Landolf, Head of PostBus Ltd and Member of Executive Management at Swiss Post has decided, after 20 years as Head of the PostBus Group unit, to take early retirement and dedicate himself in future to various directorships at a strategic level and to private projects. He will be taking early retirement on 30 April 2018.

Self-driving shuttles soon to link old town with Sion train station


Press release dated 17 October 2017

The operation of self-driving shuttles in Sion will be extended and the route expanded. The City of Sion, the Canton of Valais and PostBus agreed upon this extension. The Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) has given the green light to the route to be extended as far as the train station. Thus, PostBus continues operating this worldwide unique service of autonomous buses on public roads.

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