Basic functions

In which regions can I use the PostBus app?

The PostBus app provides you all timetable information and you can purchase public transport tickets for the whole of Switzerland. Exceptions are tickets from the ZVV and Unireso transport associations.  

Countdown information and favourites.

The countdown information is found on the start page. This function shows you the countdown - and exactly when you have to leave to reach the selected location - without having to search or click here and there in the app. On briefly tapping a selected favourite, the routes menu comes up and you can then purchase a ticket to your chosen location. (You can save a total of 10 favourites). 

How does the countdown information function?

Firstly you have to create a favourite location. Tap on the field with the plus (+) where you see Favourites. Now enter the name of a favourite location. You can insert emojis with your favourites too. You then type the corresponding address and save this under Favourites to create your first countdown indicator. To add another two, simply repeat the same procedure. If you wish to change or cancel a created favourite, press on the Favourites field for two seconds and the editing interface will appear, where you can now change or cancel a previously created favourite.

What’s the fastest way to make a timetable inquiry?

There are two possible ways of making a timetable inquiry with the PostBus app. The first way is by using the app start screen. Here the timetable information you require appears on completing the “From“ and “To“ fields. The second option is via the menu, under the “Routes“ heading. Here as well you get the information you require with the “From“ and “To“ function. 

There used to be a widget. Where do I find the timetable for a specific stop now? 

Click on the map field on the home screen and then select the desired stop. The app shows the departures available at this stop. Selected departures are shown in real time.

Ticket Range

Which tickets can I purchase?

You can purchase public transport tickets for the whole of Switzerland. Exceptions are tickets from the ZVV and Unireso transport associations. Tickets for these networks are expected to be available at a later date.

Can I store my SwissPass or fare network travelcard?

At present, the SwissPass and fare network travelcards cannot be stored. PostBus aims, however, to make this possible in the future. If you are a SwissPass or fare network travelcard holder you can still use the PostBus app. For the stretch that is not covered by your SwissPass or fare network travelcard, you simply make a route inquiry and then purchase the right ticket accordingly.

Can I purchase a 1-day travelpass or fare network ticket?

You can purchase public transport tickets for the whole of Switzerland. Exceptions are tickets from the ZVV and Unireso transport associations. The ZVV and Unireso network tickets will be available in the future. In addition to tickets for the majority of integrated networks, our customers can now purchase tickets for stretches throughout the whole of Switzerland with the PostBus app.

Can I purchase saver tickets?

Yes, if saver tickets are available, these will be shown in the connections and can be purchased accordingly. Saver tickets are available earliest 30 days before your intended travel day. You can purchase these up until 1 day before your departure. The date and time of travel as well as type of transport must be decided at the time of purchasing the ticket. Certain routes may have shorter presale regulations. 

Can I purchase a first-class upgrade with the PostBus app?

At present, no first-class upgrades can be purchased with the PostBus app. PostBus aims to make this possible in the future. 

Where do I enter “Via” for route connections?

Via stops are entered under Routes. Click on the settings symbol and then enter the desired “Via” stop.

I can’t find a regular ticket for the connection I need to purchase.

There are transport companies in Switzerland that are (currently) not part of the new public transport price system (NOVA). For this reason, you may find that you are unable to purchase a regular ticket for certain stretches – and possibly only certain 1-day travelcards are proposed (e.g. 9 o’clock travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard, 1-day travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard). In this case we ask you to please purchase the necessary ticket directly from the respective transport company at your departure point.

The app shows the connection, but a ticket is not available for this route, or only a day ticket.

The PostBus app is a new, industry-wide tariff system. There are some smaller transport companies and local buses that are not yet connected to this system. Additionally, there are some departures where local transport and direct transport are combined. In these cases, electronic tickets are not available via the PostBus app. For these public transport connections the app does not show a price or it only shows a day ticket. PostBus strives to offer tickets for all public transport connections in Switzerland on the app and works with its partners to find a solution for this in the future. 

Can I make seat reservations with the PostBus app?

Seat reservations are currently only possible at

Is an expansion of the ticket range in planning?

Yes, the ticket range is continuously expanded and adapted. 

Are 1-day travelcards available for children, dogs and bikes?

These are currently not available. 

Are night surcharges and night tickets available?

These are part of the future product range expansion.

Access, Registering and User Account

Do I have to register or create a user profile to be able to purchase a ticket with the PostBus app?

No, there is no need to register in the app to be able to purchase a ticket. To purchase a ticket you can also enter your name, date of birth and E-mail address (even if only once). These details are then not stored in the app. The same is also valid for the payment information.

What are the advantages of registering or a user profile?

The advantage of registering is the fast and easy way of purchasing tickets. All tickets purchased are then automatically assigned to your name without you having to enter your details every time you wish to purchase a ticket. The same is valid also for the payment details. A one-time registration means being able to purchase the desired tickets faster, with fewer clicks. 

How do I create a profile?

Apply/Register is found under Tickets. Click on Apply/Register and you can then enter and save your details.

Can I save or change the password used in my profile?

Yes. Under Settings in the menu you can change both your password and user account details. Attention: Android only.

What do I do if I have forgotten my user name or password?

Under Tickets, click on Apply/Register followed by Forgotten Password [c1] . Now enter the E-mail address you have already been using for the app. Confirm this and you will then receive an E-mail with which you can create a new password.

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail after the registration.

If you have not received a confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder. If the e-mail is not there either, you can contact

Ticket Purchases and Payment

What is the fastest way to get the ticket I need?

Select the desired route either in the “From-To” screen display, the countdown indicator or under Routes. Click on the connection followed by the blue banner “Travel from CHF XX”. You can now select the desired travel class, a regular or Half-Fare ticket (Card holders only) and then purchase the ticket.

Up until when can I purchase tickets with the PostBus app? 

You must purchase a ticket before commencing your journey (the actual departure time of the selected public transport vehicle). 

How do I pay for tickets purchased with the app (payment possibilities)? 

The following options can be used for the purchase of tickets using the PostBus app: Credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, PostFinance. An addition with Twint is planned.  

What must I do before purchasing my first ticket? 

Nothing. You can purchase a ticket without having to register. Simply enter your route inquiry, select your connection and then enter the required details.

Does payment go through in the case of an interruption/deliberate stop? 

No, in the case of an interruption/deliberate stop before the payment process is complete no payment is made. If you nevertheless find a mistaken payment on your account we ask you to please inform us of this with the contact form.

Are there additional charges for this kind of payment?

No, there are no additional charges. You pay the price displayed in the app. 

What do I do if my method of payment is not accepted?

Please check that all required details have been entered correctly. Could it be that your credit card has expired, or you have exceeded the given limit and your credit card has been blocked? Please contact the payment company (i.e. resp. credit card company). 

How do I change the selected payment method?

Click on Tickets in the menu. Here you have your profile details. You can now change your payment details under Means of Payment.

Can I confirm my purchase with Touch ID?

Payment using Touch ID is currently not possible. You can, however, save your password so that there is no need to enter it for each purchase you make. 

Do I get a receipt? 

After every purchase you receive an E-mail confirmation. This confirmation is no substitute for a ticket, instead intended as a form of receipt for expenses etc. Your ticket is stored under Tickets in the app. Select the ticket purchased, press on it for two seconds, and you can then get a receipt sent by E-mail or open the receipt in your browser.

Can I redeem promo codes in the app?

Currently no promotional codes are redeemable using the app. 

Validity and Reimbursements

How long is my ticket purchased with the app valid?

Tickets purchased with the PostBus app are valid for the travel stretch and date determined on the day of purchase. Subsequent changes or swapping are not possible. If you are not making a return journey the same day – or up until 5 a.m. the following day, please purchase a single ticket for each way. Please note that fare network tickets have a time limit.

Are tickets purchased with the app transferrable?

Tickets purchased with a smartphone are personal and non-transferrable. The tickets are valid only in connection with a valid document in your name (passport, ID, driving license, SwissPass etc.). Those who wish to purchase a ticket for someone else must make a change of name on the ticket details before making the purchase.

What documents must I present in the case of a ticket control?

If you have a Half-Fare travelcard, you must present this in addition to your mobile ticket in the app. Alternatively an officially valid ID.

Where are the tickets I purchase stored?

You find the tickets you have purchased under the menu point Tickets. These are stored for as long as they are valid and you are able to use them before they expire. After that they are automatically archived. 

Must I be online in the case of a ticket control, and what happens if my battery has run out of power?

Your purchased ticket is also valid offline. There is therefore no need to be online during your journey. As a user of the PostBus app it is however your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient battery power for the duration of your journey for your smartphone to remain on. 

Can I get a reimbursement for wrongly purchased tickets?

Yes, you can contact us via the contact form and explain what happened. We will then get in touch with you. On having proved that a ticket was mistakenly purchased we will then reimburse the sum. Contact Form

What can I do if I have been charged an incorrect amount?

In this case we kindly ask you to contact us with the contact form and explain what happened. We will then get in touch with you. The wrongly charged amount will of course be corrected.

Can I purchase a ticket for someone else and then forward the print screen ticket? 

Yes, you are able to purchase a ticket for someone other than yourself and forward the print screen copy. Conditions are, however, that you enter the name of the person who is to receive the ticket before making the purchase.

What do I have to enter under TICKET VALID FROM..? And why do I get an error message?

Zone tickets are valid for a certain period of time. They are not only valid for a specific route. They are also valid for a defined time period. This is where you enter the time from which the selected ticket must be valid. It is important that the validity begins in the future. If you select a time period in the past, you will receive an error message. 

Data and Permission

What happens with my personal data such as name, address etc.? 

All data transferred is in encrypted form (SSL) and exclusively used to issue and deliver tickets. The use of data for the purpose of personalised marketing requires the explicit agreement of the customer. View General Terms & Conditions (GTC).

For what reason should I agree to the PostBus app being able to locate my position and having access to my contacts? 

Locating your position with detection access assists the PostBus app with the automatic search for the next stop closest to you and entering it automatically in the countdown information or “From-To” connections. Access to contacts allows the app to automatically complete address details as provided by the customer.

Is the data relating to my means of payment safe on a mobile phone?

For safety reasons, payment information is neither stored on your mobile nor on the PostBus servers. The payment information is stored with our payment service provider (Datatrans AG).

Settings and Devices

In which languages is the app available and how do I change the language setting?

The PostBus app is available for use in German, French, Italian and English. The language can be changed through the general language settings on your smartphone. On selecting a language other than German, French or Italian, the PostBus app will revert to English.

On which devices does the app work? 

The PostBus app is available for all the latest operating systems from Apple IOS and Android devices. Devices with versions older than XX are not fully supported. There is a chance that the app will not work on these devices. The app has not been optimized for tablets. You are, however, able to install and use the app on a tablet, but there may be certain errors in the display format. 

What happens if I turn off location detection or deny access to my contacts?

Locating your position with detection access assists the PostBus app with the automatic search for the next stop closest to you and entering it automatically in the countdown information or “From-To” connections. If you deny detection access, you must manually enter your departure point each time. The same applies to contacts. If you deny access to your contacts, the app is no longer able to automatically complete address details and you must enter these manually. 

Support, Contact and GTC

Who do I turn to in the case of problems?

You’ve read the FAQ but not found the answer to your question? In this case please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form. And if you have a question that does not directly concern the PostBus app, instead special trips or regional offers, here you have our contact details. (Imprint of the existing app)  

Where do I find the GTC?

The General Terms and Conditions of the PostBus app are found in the menu under More.