Sensorium Rüttihubelbad

Admission "family" for CHF 24.00 instead of CHF 48.00

Go on a discovery tour! In the Rüttihubelbad sensorium, extraordinary sensory experiences await you.

In the sensorium, 80 stations invite you to try out, follow and research the natural laws. Sounds, colors, vibrations, scents, light and darkness will amaze you. An exciting discovery tour for the whole family.

In cooperation with Sensorium, you will receive up to 50% off the admission prices upon presentation of a voucher and valid public transport ticket for route 791:

Admission "family" for CHF 24.00 instead of CHF 48.00
- Valid for 2 adults + own children up to 15 years (number of own children unlimited)

Admission "children" for CHF 5.00 instead of CHF 9.00
- Valid for children from 6-15 years

Admission "adults" for CHF 10.00 instead of CHF 18.00
- Valid for adults over 16 years

The offer is valid until 31.08.2021. The vouchers can be redeemed until 30.09.2022.

Due to the coronavirus, please check whether Rüttihubelbad Sensorium has opened before making your visit. 

The sensorium is easy and convenient to take with the PostBus line 791 from Worbzug (stop "Walkringen, Rüttihubelbad"). Further information on the Rüttihubelbad Sensorium can be found

Order vouchers

Select the desired entry category (s) (family, children, adults) at the top right and add it to the shopping cart. Repeat the process for several admission categories. (The number 1 per entry category is fixed *).

Finally, click on the shopping cart and enter check-out information.

The voucher (s) will be sent as a PDF by e-mail after completion with the order confirmation.
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