Wildegg Castle

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Experience a touch of the aristocratic lifestyle at Wildegg Castle: enter the world of Baroque with magnificent gardens and costumed museum tour guides.

With more than 30 beautifully furnished rooms, Wildegg Castle provides an exciting insight into the world of the nobility and their servants. Large portraits of the Effinger family adorn many of the walls, telling a lively and entertaining tale of life in the castle all those years ago.

Long-forgotten plants and rare varieties of vegetable can be found in the Baroque vegetable and pleasure garden, which is maintained in cooperation with ProSpecieRara. The rose garden, with its historical shrub and climbing roses, is an oasis of calm.

Children can dress up as knights and damsels of the castle in the old barn, set the table in the children's castle or saddle up the wooden horse in the stables.

Visitors can also relax and enjoy the unique ambience of Wildegg Castle in the Erlachhaus Bistro, the atmospheric courtyard or on the cosy loggia.

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Wildegg Castle – Aargau Museum
Effingerweg 5
5103 Wildegg